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Specialist Japanese Piano Dealer

The Music Box was established over 25 years ago to provide a reliable quality service and information for the sale of new and pre-owned pianos in and around Manchester.

Our reputation soon grew and we were soon attracting clients buying from us from all over north west of England. Since then, we have expanded our core business to cover piano removals and the manufacture of quality piano removal equipment and are happy to sell or move pianos anywhere in the UK.

Bespoke Preperation

Bespoke Preparation

Unlike other retailers all our pianos are tuned before they leave the showroom, the regulation is adjusted to provide the best performance for that make of piano, we voice the piano to obtain an even tone for your piano before it leaves our showrooms, at no extra charge to you.

We can Voice the piano to your requirements, some like a softer tone than a standard ‘factory prepared’ piano offers, other retailers charge you £50.00 for this service. We tune all our new pianos just above concert pitch to allow the piano to settle down in your home.