Yamaha SU Series Upright Pianos

From their initial design to the selection of the choicest materials, their impeccable craftsmanship and painstaking final preparation, no effort has been spared in creating these instruments of rare and uncompromising quality. They offer superior performance and expressive control for the most accomplished pianists, with delicate response, a broad palette of tonal coloration and a resonance rarely found in a vertical piano.

Yamaha SU7 Upright Piano

Pursuing the utmost piano performance in a classic, simple design, the SU7 is the pinnacle of Yamaha’s upright pianos.

Also available: SU7 SH SILENT Piano™

Silent functionality has been added to this SU7. This is an SH-type type Silent piano™ featuring a CFX sound source.

Yamaha SU118 Upright Piano

Individually handcrafted from select materials by elite Yamaha artisans, the SU118 can convey every nuance of emotion.

  • Outstanding Soundboard
  • Full, Vibrant Bass
  • Advanced Hammer Design.
  • Finely Tuned Action Performance

Yamaha SU Series Features

Outstanding Soundboard
Wood for the soundboard is meticulously selected for the quality and clarity of its sound reproduction.

Full, Vibrant Bass
The SU118 bass string is custom-made for extended depth and resonance in the lower registers.

Advanced Hammer Design
Specially designed hammers make for a cleaner, richer tonality and superior responsive control.

Finely Tuned Action Performance
The superb action is precisely regulated for absolute balance and incredibly sensitive response.

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